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We are strongly committed to the future of our brand and the people who represent it. Currently, we are expanding our accommodation offer up to 300 apartments. That is why we are selecting part-time Customer Care. If you want to be a part of what we are creating and be an added value to our goal, just read on.

what is our job offer -> Customer Care Team

we are looking for different profiles: Front Desk, On Stay and Sales.

who we are looking for -> Your Skills

front Desk:

* Perfect organisational skills
* Amazing interpersonal abilities
* Top-of-the-line organizational skills
* Ability to handle multiple tasks at once
* Amazing time management skills
* Incredibly detail-oriented
* Able to work nights and weekends

on Stay:

* Excellent customer service skills and amazing interpersonal abilities
* Empathy and good understanding of the customer and the problem
* Clear communication skills
* Product knowledge
* Problem-solving skills
* Patience
* Positive attitude
* Positive language
* Listening skills


* Perfect selling skills
* Product Knowledge
* Strategic Prospecting Skills (adjusting to the clients’ needs with your sell objective in mind)
* Rapport Building on the Call (mutual understanding)
* Buyer-seller Agreement (closing sales)
* Active Listening
* Communication
* Qualification Questioning
* Time Management

in the end, we believe in people and we believe in the team, so we want to let you know who we are looking for. The perfect work colleague is a curious person who learns fast, who is creative in his/her work, who is well organized day by day and trained in his/her position, with positive life and work attitude and empathic towards the team and customers, skillfully communicating his/her ideas and with good ability to solve problems, disciplined at work and flexible with projects, and last but not least always passionate about what he/she does. Fluency in Spanish and English is needed.

if you think that in this description we are talking exactly about You, please do not hesitate to fill out the form that you will find by the following link:

https://docs. Google. Com/forms/d/e/1faipqlself6gxm_cmu9hte-3hn4tw3hxcz5ea1qq_ph9ps_13kvgghq/viewform?usp=sf_link

thank you!

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